Kitchen Hacks You Didn’t Know

Recipes4theWeek brings you some the greatest kitchen hacks you didn’t know. Learn how to soften the rock-like brown sugar, or enhance the flavor of your grains, or even how to tell if an avocado is bad. Making cooking a little more fun and a little less painful, we break it down with these 10 kitchen hacks that will blow your mind.

1.      If you boil your water before you freeze it, you will have crystal clear ice cubes. Maybe this isn’t important for your every day life but when you feel like getting a little fancy, impress the family, or just want some clear ice, give it a try!

2.      Have you ever peeled a potato and watched it brown? Place the potatoes in cold water before cooking to prevent that. The release of starch causes them to oxidize and therefore change color.

3.      Hard cooked eggs not peeling? Instead of boiling them the old school way, steam them in a steamer basket suspending over boiling water for 15-16 minutes. What happens? The shells slip right off.

4.      Ever went to use your brown sugar and it’s harder than a rock? Toss an orange peel or apple slice in with it (make sure it’s an airtight container). If you forgot this step though, placing it in the microwave next to a small glass of water will break it up as well.

5.      Enhance the flavor of your grains by cooking with tea infused water. Sounds weird and choose your tea wisely but we promise it works!  

6.      If you are sautéing onions and they start to get too brown, an ice cube in the pan will chill the pan down, the water will evaporate, and your onions will not endure that extra browning.

7.      If you’re unsure how ripe your avocado is, check just under the stem. Good = yellow or green. Bad = brown (avocado is already overripe).

8.      Do you own an apple slicer? Use it on potatoes to get that perfect French fry shape.

9.      Unsure if your eggs are still good? Sell by date is one way or you can do a simple trick. Place them in water and watch what happens; good eggs sink, bad eggs float.

10.  Want to easily skim fat from stews, stocks and sauces? Take a few ice cubes, wrap in a paper towel or cheese cloth, and skim along the surface of it. Impressive, right?


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