5 Must Have Cooking Gadgets

Recipes4theWeek found 5 must have cooking gadgets that you’ll want to buy immediately. Some are fun, some are practical but all will enhance your kitchen experience.

1.       Divided Grill Skillet – Have you ever cooked a simple meal for yourself and realized you’ve used every pan you own? It makes clean up a pain and take out look like a much better idea. Not with the Divided Grill Skillet though! Make bacon, eggs, sausage, and vegetables all on one pan. Don’t worry, the dividers in the pan keep everything separate but at the end of the meal, you still have one pan to clean.

2.       Rollie Eggmaster – This might seem strange and you might not think you need but make yourself one omelet in this thing and we think you’ll change your mind. You’ll be able to cook eggs faster, with no oil or butter, hands free.

3.       Astro Fruit and Veggie Keeper – We didn’t just pick this because it’s cute, it’s also very useful. Have you ever made dinner but you only needed half an onion? Or half a lemon? Or half of any vegetable or fruit. Maybe you wrap them, maybe you put them in a bag but save the wear and use the Astro Fruit and Veggie Keeper. It’s reusable, keep things fresher, and did we mention it’s cute?

4.       One Click Butter Cutter- Hold and slice butter with one squeeze. No messy butter containers, no knives. Just grab and squeeze for the perfect slice of butter. This is fun for the kids but it’s also great for adults. Don’t chase your butter around the dish, just squeeze!

5.       Bacon Express Grill – We saved the best for the last because … BACON! It looks similar to a toaster but it’s actually a bacon grill. It grills the bacon quickly in a vertical position to drain away the grease. The grease catcher is so convenient, at the end just pull out the drip tray and dispose of it. Cook six pieces of bacon in an instant.