Cake Decorating: How to Make Your Icing Smooth and Even

cake decorating
cake decorating

Have you ever made a cake from scratch? Cake decorating can be tricky. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t baking the cake, it’s icing the cake. In order to become the master cake decorator you’ve always wanted to be, you must master the icing.

So how do you that? Let’s break it down.

When you make the cake, make sure the batter is level to the pan before you put it in the oven. Check on your cake in 20 minute intervals to make sure the cake is baking evenly. If you notice one side is higher than the other, try turning the pan to balance everything.

Before icing your cake, it must cool. Some experts recommend your cake should cool for a full day before you even start to think of decorating. Even if the outside of the cake feels cool, the inside will stay warm for hours longer. If you attempt to frost a cake before it’s cooled, it can ruin your cake decorating.

Once it’s cooled, what’s next?

Turn the cake upside down on a cake board (this helps reduce crumbs). To avoid crumbs all together,  put a thin layer of frosting on the cake. After the thin layer is applied, apply a normal amount of icing to the cake. It’s best to use a metal spatula to make sure it’s smooth and even. If you dip the spatula in cold water and go over the icing, this will help smooth.

A lot of people believe the icing is the most important ingredient when it comes to cake decorating. Always make a good amount of frosting, you may need it for other decorations other than just the icing. Food coloring is also a great ingredient to change it up. Once you have your layer of icing complete, you can begin decorating.

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