Cooking Cajun: What You Need to Know

cajun food

Who doesn’t love Cajun food? At Recipes4theWeek, we love it but we also realize it can be a difficult cuisine to master. There is not much science to this way of cooking and is so much more complex than adding a few spices from the cabinet.

The thing about Cajun cooking is the recipes are not exact. If the Cajun cooking is authentic, it’s most likely done to taste instead of using exact measurements. Because of this, a Cajun dish is often determined by the person cooking it. Even if the same dish is prepared by two separate people, it will taste different. They say Cajun food is determined by the mood of the person cooking it. Fascinating, right?! Therefore, Cajun food and southern food in general is often referred to as “soul food”.

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So, what else is important when cooking Cajun? The ingredients. To be honest, it can be hard to find the right spices and seasonings in certain parts of the States. One place you’ll definitely find it: New Orleans. Fresh crawfish, andouille sausage, and the right spices are all in this region and the building blocks to making the best Cajun food. But if you don’t live in the area, and still want to cook Cajun, try a specialty food shop or make a special order online.


Most Cajun dishes also take a lot of time. They need to simmer, really create all that flavor that makes a Cajun dish, a Cajun dish. It’s not easy cooking this cuisine, it’ll test your patience and your cooking skills but it is some of the richest, most delicious food and if you master the art of cooking Cajun, you will always be able to savor the flavor!

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