4 Crowd-Pleasing Finger Foods for a Party

finger foods for a party

If you’re planning a party, you’re probably looking for crowd-pleasing finger foods. We get it! Food is important. The better the appetizers, the better the party, right? We searched high and low testing hundreds of dishes to find out what were the best finger foods for a party. So here are the top 5:

Jalapeno Popper Chicken Flautas

finger foods for a party

The perfect combination between a jalapeno popper and a chicken flautas. Warning: you will not be able to eat just one. Get the full recipe here.


Pepperoni and Asiago Pizza Pinwheels

pizza pinwheel

What’s more fun than regular pizza? How about pizza in a pinwheel? Better than a frozen bagel bite, the pepperoni and Asiago are a combination everyone will love. Get the recipe here.


Mini Caprese Bites

mini caprese salad

There are so many ways to have caprese, but doesn’t the bite size version on a stick look fun? These are easy to pass around, limited mess, and all the best parts of a caprese salad. Get the recipe here.


Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Smokies

brown sugar bacon wrapped smokies

Mini hot dogs are great. Now add bacon and brown sugar for AMAZING! This puts a twist on your traditional pigs in a blanket and is a sure way to stand out. Get the recipe here.

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