Fun Fruits of Mexico

Mexico is home to many fun fruits! Are you tired of oranges and bananas? Recipes4theWeek did a little digging on some of the best fruits Mexico has to offer.

It’s true they are some of the popular fruits in America but there are so many other exciting flavors out there. The fruits that grow in Mexico differ based on the region. Many have a tropical taste and some of these are actually native to Mexico. They are healthy, unique, and can be found right here in the states. Try some of these new flavors:


You may not have known but Mexico is one of the top producers of mangoes. They’re believed to be native to Asia but popular in Mexico. They have a sweet unique taste. They have many vitamins and minerals. They can be eaten alone, added to dishes, or tossed into a fruit salad. They can be made into dried pieces, juice, glaze, puree and preserves.


This fruit is believed to originate in Mexico. They can grow as large as 12 feet in height. It contains vitamins and fiber, making this fruit very good for the digestive system. Papaya does have seeds but even those are edible. This fruit is also considered an herbal medicine and can help hypertension, and act as a laxative or antibacterial. ·


Mexico is actually one of the top producers of pineapples. They are the second most popular tropical fruit, only second to the banana. They take 18 months to grow from a seed to a ripe fruit. Pineapple softens as it ripens and does not get sweeter after it’s picked so it’s crucial to harvest at the right time. Pineapples also carry many vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes that are good for the digestive system. Some experts believe they hold micro-nutrients that can protect against cancer and blood-clots. It’s also believe that pineapple juice triggers the kidneys and helps remove the toxic elements that are in our bodies.


It is true that avocados are in many vegetable dishes, but you may be surprised to learn they are a fruit. They are native to Mexico and Central America.  They are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and grow in tropical climates.