Restaurant Review: The Glass Tavern

glass tavern
glass tavern

The Glass Tavern is a Steak and Seafood house located in Scotia, NY. Recipes4theWeek was able to stop over to try some drinks, food, and soak up the ambiance. Here’s what we thought:

The Ambiance

When you first pull up, you might not think you’re going to a restaurant. The tavern is located in a large glass building that also is home to other businesses. It definitely looks more like an office building from the outside but just wait until you get inside. The dim lighting, rustic wood aesthetics, real wood fireplace, and library books that line the wall come together to make this a really enjoyable ambiance. You’ll feel right at home; all while you enjoy craft cocktails and a raw bar.


The Food 

The food is amazing! While they focus heavily on seafood and their raw bar, you’ll be sure to find someone for those non-seafood lovers as well. They also start you off by bringing a bottle of water to share for the table and some cornbread with jalapeno in it. The corn bread comes with a side of honey butter as well; spicy, sweet, delicious.

While we were on our visit, we decided to dabble with some seafood and a burger. For the seafood, we tried the Pan Seared Salmon with toasted almonds, green beans, honey, and tavern potatoes. It was a generous size portion of salmon and we definitely felt full after. It was cooked perfectly as well. The other main dish we got was the Tavern Burger; served on a potato Roll, with lettuce Salad, bread & butter onions, 1000 keys sauce & fries. The burger was also absolutely delicious.

Lastly, we ended with dessert or as they call it at the Tavern, “reasons to linger.” So we lingered for the Supreme Cheesecake; Creamy cheesecake baked on a buttery graham crumb crust finished with a silky sour cream mousse. Let’s just say we didn’t linger long because it was quickly devoured.

The Drinks 

The cocktail list is something to get excited about! They have a variety of cocktails to choose from with different liquors to make anyone happy. Of course they have the traditional drinks; a mule, a margarita, a martini. But if you’re feeling ambitious, try one of their other drinks. For example, we were tempted by “The Naughty Dog”. The Naughty Dog is Bulldog English Gin, Campari liqueur, Orange juice and Martini and Rossi sweet vermouth. Not a gin drinker? Try the vodka based drink called “The Looking Glass,” which features Skyy Peach Infused vodka , Larceny Bourbon with a splash of Cranberry juice, sweet and sour and a squeeze of lime.


The bar opens every day at 4PM and dinner starts at 5PM. Grab a few drinks and take in the ambiance before your meal. This is a great spot to grab a drink for happy hour and some appetizers, or make a full meal out of it. If you happen to go, let us know!