Harrison’s Harbor Watch (Ocean City, Maryland)

harrison's harbor watch

How to describe Harrison’s Harbor Watch? From the dock to the table, that’s how you’ll get your seafood at this beautiful, on the water restaurant. It’s located in Ocean City, Maryland right on the boardwalk, the southern end, and overlooks the Inlet and Assateague Island. (Fun fact: Assateague Island is home to wild horses, if you look over to the beach, you may be able to catch a peek!) The building is two stories, which is awesome because both floors have tables directly next to the windows for a better view of the water.

This place is a bit nicer than your average restaurant but it’s still a family restaurant. Jeans are appropriate, and kids are definitely welcome but you’ll be enjoying a delicious meal that feels like fine dining.  It’s actually great to bring the kids because it’s right on the boardwalk, hit up some rides, play a few games and then enjoy a nice meal.

Now the food! We already mentioned everything is fresh. You can literally see the water where your food was caught while you enjoy it. The menu is extensive so stay with us:


Appetizers –

If a raw bar is your thing; they have oysters, clams, steamed shrimp in more than one way. Not feeling raw? Try the lobster ravioli or the coconut shrimp, you won’t be disappointed with either. Although, we will let you know they are famous for their mussels.

Main Course –

You can NOT go wrong with any of the fresh fish; tuna steak, swordfish, rockfish, mahi mahi. They’re all fresh and they’re all served with the option to be blackened, topped with asparagus and lump crab, or topped with crab imperial.

Although let’s remember, you’re in Maryland, known for their crabs! So the crab dishes are extensive and delicious. Harrison’s Crab Cakes are famous, served broiled with all crab meats and no fillers. If you want to get down and dirty with the crabs, then belly up with the King Crab Legs.

Drinks –

For the adults and parties over 21, this is a cocktail list to make you grin ear to ear. Besides all the classics, they have their own specialty drinks as well. Try the THE HALE HARRISON BRILLIANT PEACH COCKTAIL, made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, peach puree, served in a tall glass on the rocks.

Overall, we would say if you’re in Ocean City, Maryland this a must eat!