Left Bank Burger Bar (Jersey City, NJ)

left bank burger bar
left bank burger bar

Does a burger called the Mac Daddy sound like you? Then you might want to head to Left Bank Burger Bar in Jersey City, NJ. The specialty burgers are out of this world, featuring anything from fried mac n cheese to an espresso rubbed patty.

The Burgers

These burgers are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and honestly in the top 5 best burgers we’ve ever had. They have more than 12 featured specialty burgers, as well as the option to build your own. The specialty burgers are not your traditional “Bacon Cheeseburger” but instead, they are topped with ingredients you may have never even thought to put on your burger. Let’s break down the 2 specialties that we tried:

  • Mac Daddy: This burger has a FRIED MAC N CHEESE patty on top, features bacon, tomato, and a garlic herb mayo. The mac n cheese patty took this to a place we’ve never been before. It was super rich but we managed to finish the whole thing (oops?!).
  • Ghostface Killer: Espresso rubbed patty, ghost pepper jam, smoked gouda, sweet potato bacon tots, red onion, and a mustard sauce make this spicy treat a delicious option. It definitely brings some heat but the balance of sweet potato and smoked gouda make the heat not overwhelming.

The Drinks 

One thing we loved was every day, they offer a “shot and a beer,” with prices ranging anywhere from $6-$10. This was awesome and some options included; a Fat Tire and a shot of Jameson, or a PBR and a Jim Beam Stag. Typically a burger goes great with a beer but with some of these cocktails on the list, we had to try. These were the two cocktails we tried:

  • The Bramble: Tito’s vodka, blackberry liqueur, lemon and mint. Light, refreshing, delicious. We had more than one.
  • Autumnation: Four roses bourbon, scotch, maple syrup, and chocolate bitters. If you like bourbon and scotch, you’ll like this drink. Not a drink for everyone but a great cocktail nonetheless.

The Ambiance 

We went on a Friday night and it was popping! However it was only around a 10 minute wait before they were able to seat us, and we enjoyed a beverage along the back side bar while we waited. It’s nice because although the bar was full, they have a bar top (counter like) that runs along the back wall and has additional seating. The ambiance is fun, definitely a great place to grab a burger and a beer with friends. The tables are spacious, the staff is awesome, and all in all we really enjoyed ourselves.