Nobu – Paradise Island, Bahamas

Recipes4theWeek went to Nobu! We don’t always get this fancy but when we do, it’s at Nobu. Head Chef Nobu Matsuhisa was born and raised in Japan. He traveled all over for apprenticeships and eventually landed in Los Angeles where he opened his restaurant in 1987.

Nobu is known for his imaginative dishes from a Sashimi Salad with his specialty soy dressing to his Yellow Tail Sashimi with Jalapenos to Squid Pasta with light garlic sauce. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is and we already had the pleasure of eating here.

This restaurant is a 5-star, fine dining, all around experience. The thing we’ll warn, you’re going to pay for it. Typically, we don’t get this fancy but when one of our writers had the chance to visit, we asked them to document everything.

The restaurant doors are located just off the casino floor as you stare into the green glowing archway. Nobu continues to put a spin on traditional Japanese fare. When you first walk in, there is a huge bar so if you’re not looking for a fancy, expensive meal then stop in for a cocktail and take in the ambiance. There are 3 separate dining rooms, two smaller ones on either side of the main dining room.

The food is expensive but delicious. The Black Cod with Miso because we heard things about it and who doesn’t love a perfectly prepared cod? This dish was amazing. The flavors dance on your mouth and after two bites you understand why people have been raving about this dish.

What else would we recommend? The Conch “Shabu Shabu” with Nobu Sauces. This was also amazing and we didn’t even know we liked conch this much.

Anything that Nobu puts his name on is sure to be amazing. If you have the pleasure of visiting, let us know what you thought! We went to the one on Paradise Island but he literally has restaurants all over the world. Check out his locations here:

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